Prescott Sunrise Lions

Lions Community Activities

Lions Community Activities

What you think you know about Lions club

Prescott Sunrise Lions visualize the needs of the community far beyond the needs of those with vision or hearing disabilities.  We also  see the needs of the community within our young citizens by offering scholarship opportunities, recognizing outstanding character and instilling confidence.  

Our sponsorship of camps for handicapped youth as well as funding facilities and programs that can promote, restore and maintain a person's eyesight, has been continuous and ongoing for decades.

How your Sunrise Lions Serves the community

  • Purchase examinations and glasses for young people in the greater Prescott area each year who cannot afford them.
  • Have been active in acquiring eyes for cornea transplants and paid for such operations.
  • Helped construct and finance the Prescott Blind Center.
  • Built and maintain a state recognized Nature Trail in the Groom Creek area for the blind and handicapped.
  • Work closely with the Prescott school nurses in helping students with eye problems.
  • Collect old eyeglasses.
  • Hold the Scholarship Banquet for outstanding Prescott High School students each Spring.
  • Present American flags to all Prescott first grade students each year.
  • Present two vocational two vocational scholarships each year.
  • Sponsor two vocational scholarships each year.
  • Sponsor two high school students to the Czech Republic each year.
  • Active in all district, state and international Lion projects, such as Arizona Camp Tayitee for handicapped youth.

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