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Join us every Thursday morning at 7:00  in downtown Prescott atThe Lone Spur Cafe 106 W Gurley St

Our Lions Leadership




Doug Thompson

Immediate Past President

Frank Rochon

1st Vice President

Kelly Kading

2nd Vice President

Bill Brye


David Snyder


Jon Bundy

1 Year Director

Peter Vogelzang

1 Year Director

Jim Myers

2 Year Director

Todd Sturdevant

2 Year Director

Sue Wilson

Tail Twister

Jennifer Carpenter & Mary Ellen Sandeen

Lion Tamer

Don White

LCIF Chair

Nick Moceri


Get Involved

Club History

Prescott Sunrise Lions Club

Since 1961, The Prescott Sunrise Lions have been active in the Prescott and Quad City Area.  With about 50 members, the Sunrise Lions have contributed to many non-profit organizations.  Find out more 

Our mailing address:  Prescott Sunrise Lions,  P.O. Box 985,  Prescott, AZ 86302

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Club Contacts

Eyeglasses Recycling 

The Prescott Sunrise Lions have partnered with most eye doctors in the area as well as some local  businesses to help collect eyeglasses for recycling.  Drop your used eyeglasses off at your eye doctors office or look for our donation boxes at the YMCA, Prescott Public Library, Beal’s Auto Body, and  David A Snyder CPA.

Newspaper Recycling Update

We have completely discontinued our newspaper recycling program in Prescott Valley. The increasing age of our members and decreasing price in recycled paper has made the project unsustainable. We’d like to thank the great folks in and around Prescott Valley for your participation over the years. Please continue to join us in our other endeavors as We Serve!

Community is our focus, Commitment is our promise

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